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  1. I installed a fresh cPanel with the following blue print:
    cPanel Dedicated
    Lets Encyrpt for cPanel
    Now, everything is installed and configured just like any other server I did in the past.
    The problem is that, after adding a new disk on the server, I rebooted it. Now cpsrvd shows "Pending"

I have three questions and I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge with me:
What is the state pending? (back in the days there were only either down or up)
When a service is in status "Pending" is it actually out-out or it can still be utilized?
How can I debug why is it in this state?
Thank you very much in advance.



I'm happy to see the issue was resolved. The Support Team was able to address this issue by restaging the restartsrv_base file via the following command:



/scripts/updatenow.static --sync



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